ActiveUP lies in the intersection of medical informatics, computer science, psychology andclinical research, making the coordination of two subprojects essential. The team is formed by researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Universitario de Getafe (FIBHUG), including biomedical engineers, computer science engineers, geriatricians, a psychologist, a user experience researcher, anepidemiologistand a clinical pharmacologist.Researchers from UPM belong to the Ageing Lab1, part of the Centre for Biomedical Technology (CTB), and the Human Computer Interaction and Advanced Interactive Systemsresearch group of the Computer Science School. FIBHUG researchers are also part of the Ageing Lab, since its foundation as a joint laboratory in 2015.

The ageing of the population poses a threat to both public and private health and social systems. According to data from CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), the population aged 65+ in Spain consisted of more than 8,7 million in 2017 (18,8%) and is projected to grow to 14 million by 2066, equivalent to a share of 34,6% (Abellán et al., 2019) of the population of Spain. This ageing of the population poses a big challenge in terms of how to provide the health care services required by older people while maintaining the sustainability of the system.


Effective implementation of home care systems requires a careful consideration of the patient’s motivation, the promotion of empowerment, and the adaptation of the interventions to the current stage in the behaviour change process, as critical countermeasures to fight against abandonment and lack of compliance.