This research line focuses, on the one hand, on unobtrusive monitoring of cognitive decline; and on the other hand, on game – based stimulation for preventing the progression of cognitive diseases.
This research line explores gamified test for cognitive evaluation and stimulation. One of the objectives is to find which strategies contribute to increase patient adherence to stimulation activities. Computerized games offer many advantages, such as simultaneously conducting both evaluation and stimulation activities and automatic data capture.
Besides, this research line explores a new organizational model based on enhancing the role of the case manager. Case managers lead the care process in an integrated fashion acting like a hub between patients and relevant caregivers and stakeholders. This new organizational model is supported using digital environments where information between different stakeholders is shared for data visualization, decision support, and therapy adjustment.


Cognitive exercises for Madrid+ Salud:

Some of the cognitive exercises in execution. Once finished, results are record and stored on patient profile.


DECI (H2020)

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