Electronic equivalent of a pump-modulated erbium-doped fiber laser

Advances in Neuroimaging Data Processing

Coherence resonance in neural networks: Theory and experiments


Dynamics of a ring of three fractional-order Duffing oscillators

Revealing the neural network underlying covert picture-naming paradigm using magnetoencephalography

Assessing Older Adult’s Gait Speed with Wearable Accelerometers in Community Settings: Validity and Reliability Study

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Motivational traits: An objective behavioral test using a computer game

Stabilization of an unstable equilibrium of a balance platform due to short-term training

Implicit, Explicit, and Structural Barriers and Facilitators for Information and Communication Technology Access in Older Adults

Multistability and noise-induced transitions in the model of bidirectionally coupled neurons with electrical synaptic plasticity

Numerical study of laser synapse connecting Hindmarsh–Rose neurons

Development a cross-loop during adaptive stimulation of hippocampal neural networks by an artificial neural network

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Control of Multistability in an Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser by an Artificial Neural Network: A Numerical Approach

Attractor memory in a nonautonomous multistable system

Coloured-noise-induced transport in a model of the thermochemical reactor

Design of an Integrated Acceptance Framework for Older Users and eHealth: Influential Factor Analysis

Deep Learning (CNN, RNN) Applications for Smart Homes: A Systematic Review.


Home Monitoring System for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in Patient's Dwelling: System Design and UX Evaluation

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Unobtrusive Sensors for the Assessment of Older Adult’s Frailty: A Scoping Review

Event-Related Coherence in Visual Cortex and Brain Noise: An MEG Study


Voluntary and involuntary attention in bistable visual perception: A MEG study

Stochastic transitions between in-phase and anti-phase synchronization in coupled map-based neural oscillators, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation

Generation of giant periodic pulses in the array of erbium-doped fiber lasers by controlling multistability

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Dissociating cognitive processes during ambiguous information processing in perceptual-decision making

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An advanced perception model based on brain noise and adaptation

Stimulus classification using chimera-like states in a spiking neural network

Ring of map-based neural oscillators: From order to chaos and back

Functional near-infrared spectroscopy for the classification of motor-related sensor-level brain activity

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Stochastic phenomena in pattern formation for distributed nonlinear systems

A Systematic Mapping Study on the Use of Motivational Theories in the Design of Motivational Software

Older Adult Segmentation According to Residentially-Based Lifestyles and Analysis of their Needs for Smart Home Functions

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Automatic and Real-Time Computation of the 30-Seconds Chair-Stand Test without Professional Supervision for Community-Dwelling Older Adults

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Monitoring and Intervention Technologies to Manage Diabetic Older Persons: The CAPACITY Case—A Pilot Study

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Portable Ultrasound-Based Device for Detecting Older Adults’ Sit-to-Stand Transitions in Unsupervised 30-Second Chair–Stand Tests

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Nonlinear effect of biological feedback on brain attentional state

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From novel technology to novel applications: Comment on “An integrated brain-machine interface platform with thousands of channels” by Elon Musk & Neuralink

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Chimera state in complex networks of bistable Hodgkin-Huxley neurons

Visual and kinesthetic modes affect motor imagery classification in untrained subjects

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Statistical properties and predictability of extreme epileptic events

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Brain noise estimation from MEG response to flickering visual stimulation

Noise-induced quasiperiodicity in a ring of unidirectionally-coupled nonidentical maps

Nonlinear effect of biological feedback on brain attentional state


Coherence resonance in stimulated neuronal network

Conduction delays can enhance formation of up and down states in spiking neuronal networks

Multistability and tipping: Fron mathematics and physics to climate and brain

Artificial network detect human uncertainty

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Extreme events in systems with discontinuous boundaries

Betweenness centrality in multiplex brain network during mental task evaluation

Increasing human performance by sharing cognitive load using brain-to-brain interface

Artificial neural network classification of motor-related EEG: An increase in classification accuracy by reducing signal complexity

Nonlinear analysis of brain activity, associated with motor action and motor imaginary in untrained subjects

Multiscale neural connectivity during human sensory processing in the brain

Human personality reflects spatio-temporal and time-frequency EEG structure

Optoelectronic system for brain neuronal network stimulation

Asymmetry un electrical coupling between neurons alters multistable firing behavior

Statistical analysis of symbolic dynamics in weakly coupled chaotic oscillators

Home mobile system to early detect functional decline to prevent and manage frailty


Differences between blind people's cognitive maps after proximity and distant exploration of virtual environments

Gait speed measurement for elderly patients with risk of frailty

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Visual perception affected by motivation and alertness controlled by a noninvasive brain-computer interface

Integrated Care Programme for older adults: Analysis and improvement

Error-feedback control of multistability

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Experimental evidence of deterministic coherence resonance in coupled chaotic systems with frequency mismatch

Separation of coexisting dynamical regimes in multistate intermittency based on wavelet spectrum energies in an erbium-doped fiber laser

Integrated Care Program for the very old adults